A new online payment processor is in the works to compete against Ebay’s Paypal system. Tentatively called Google Wallet, the new system is being developed by the Mountain View, CA, search engine giant and is expected to have an official launch date by early 2006. Choice is good and soon consumers may have a viable alternative to quirky Paypal.

Rumors of the new payment processing system from Google surfaced online in June 2005. Speculation has been rampant as to when or even if the new system would be released, but now it appears that a beta version of the program will soon be made available.

Google Wallet, if successful, may become a great alternative to eBay’s Paypal system. In October 2004, the entire Paypal system collapsed for five days, although Paypal insisted that they were only “intermittent issues” that “would soon be addressed.” This outage coupled with what many have long considered to be terrible customer service issues, e.g., unauthorized charge backs to members’ accounts, onerous fees, and “customer-no-service`, has made Google’s timing especially sweet.

Related to Google Wallet, is a recent rumor that Google may take direct aim at the likes of eBay and Craig’s List and start an online auction/classified listing site.

All of this is good news for you, the consumer, as competition heats up in the payment processor wars. Stay tuned…these are exciting times in which we live!

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